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Traditional & Custom Millwork Moulding

millwork moulding

Whether you are redesigning parts of your home or looking to give your living spaces more of a decorative upgrade, moulding might be the answer to creating more depth and features to your walls, windows, doors, and ceilings. At Melbourne Architectural Millwork, we have 2,600 unique moulding toolings to choose from. We can even custom-make a moulding knife for a custom design you are looking to incorporate into your home. By adding moulding around your home, you can take your current home from a run of the mill house to an elegantly decorated household.

When it comes to moulding, there are a lot of different styles and designs to choose from. Take a look at some of the options you have for mouldings:

  • Crown moulding
  • Shoe moulding
  • Baseboard
  • Head casing 
  • Side jamb
  • Chair rail
  • Plinth block
  • Case moulding for doors and windows
  • Wainscoting
  • Wall frames
  • Beadboard wainscoting
  • Baseboards
  • Archway
  • Moulding for coffered ceilings
  • Applied mouldings

At Melbourne Architectural Millwork, we have all the tooling choices you need to create the perfect traditional or modern moulding you are looking to include in your home updates. We have advanced computer technology that allows us to develop high-quality custom mouldings. You can choose from one of our 2,600 toolings, or we can create a custom knife to fit what you are looking for. Our team of professional designers, carpenters, and engineers have years of experience to help you through your home improvement project.

With in house knife grinding, we can create even the most intricate designs that you can dream up. Creating a moulding knife means that we can create a ‘template’ for any moulding you have ever seen. If you are trying to match a frame in your house, we can create that as well.  Our state of the art Powermat 1000 is a computerized moulder that is equipped to produce precision moulding designs to your exact measurements.

Wood Choices For Your Moulding

When it comes to choosing wood for your moulding and trims, we have some tips. We commonly use poplar wood when creating interior frames. However, we can handle any wood that we can get our hands on. One popular choice for moulding is wood that is LEED certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This is a great eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious. If you are looking to stain your moulding, cherry and walnut are great because of how they absorb stains. Choosing a soft wood like pine is great for your typical interior paint and is not as expensive as hardwoods. It is essential to select a wood type that will compliment your project and keep in mind the durability and stability of the wood you want. If you are entirely unsure of what to pick for your project, our expert designers and engineers can give you all the facts when deciding on your moulding.


Wainscotting is a decorative feature that covers about ⅓ of the wall with panels. The design can feature applied moulding for box design for depth and a chair railing or beadboard at the top of the wainscotting.  There are a few millwork designs that go into creating a beautiful wainscotting room feature. There is paneled wainscot, beadboard, and applied moulding. Nowadays, it is hard to find a carpenter that can build a custom wainscotting for your home. Our craftsmen have had years of experience and can make your wainscotting dreams a reality.

Door and Window Moulding

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your windows and doors? We can craft window and door mouldings for your interior designs. Adding casing to your doors or windows can make these features stand out and create depth. There is a miltered casing built from three parts, the two side pieces, and the header. These are the most common door mouldings. Then there are butted casing that helps create a taller appearance for your doors. These are perfect for high ceilings. Not sure what you want from your door and window casings? Talk to our experts about your home’s current style and what style you are looking to achieve. Our craftsmen have years of experience to help you create an out of this world design. 

Crown Moulding and Coffered Ceilings

One of the most recognized mouldings is crown mouldings. They are commonly featured along the tops of walls. They are frequently attached to coffered ceilings as well to create luxurious ceiling designs. A coffered ceiling can add great value to your home if correctly crafted and installed. The definition of coffer is a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling. You can think of crown moulding as a transitional feature that helps connect the wall and ceiling.

Adding a nice touch to your home can be as easy as having different mouldings crafted and installed. If you are looking for high-quality carpenter work in Melbourne, Florida, Architectural Millwork has thousands of toolings to make your project a one-of-a-kind home. If you don’t see the moulding knife you are looking for in our current inventory, we would be happy to create one for you. Our millwork moulding machine has CNC capabilities that allow us to create any shape and profile out of any wood that is available for purchase. We have expert carpenters at our 15,000 sq ft facility to help design and develop unique moulds to fit your vision. 

Please have a look through our catalog to find a moulding to match your needs. And if you don’t see one you love, we are happy to work with you to create a one of a kind piece that is all your own. If you want to learn more about our state of the art millwork facility in Melbourne, Florida, browse our gallery of images and see first hand how we create upscale custom millwork promptly while never sacrificing quality. Contact us today, and let’s add traditional or custom millwork moulding to upgrade your living spaces.