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Architectural Stone Werks is our most recent addition offering quartz, granite, and marble fabrication. Utilizing laser templating, CNC stone cutting, digital slab layouts, and seam phantom®, we are able to maintain the same level of quality found in our cabinetry and millwork.

At the Melbourne Architectural Millwork company, we offer top-notch and high-end stone installation and fabrication. Architectural Stone Works is our most recent addition offering naturally elegant as well as beautiful engineered stones that can all still be maintained inside a busy kitchen including quartz,  granite, and marble which are received through elite distributors from all around the world. We exhibit these stones in particular as we want our clients only to receive stones that have strong durability, stain-resistance, and ones that are able to undergo easy maintenance whenever necessary. 

Our company employs high-end technology in the market in order to ensure premium fabrication whether it is in your house, businesses, or venue. With the help of CNC stone cutting, digital slab layouts, and seam phantom®, Melbourne Architectural Millwork is able to maintain the same level of quality found in our cabinetry as well as our millwork but also when it comes to stone countertops and a variety of other custom options in order to suit your preferred taste.

Our Process

First, you must choose the specific slab you would like to take on, after this our time will work on producing a custom template, and after this, we will fabricate and polish using the tools mentioned in order to ensure that the surface is smooth. One of the tools utilized in the stone fabrication process is The CNC stone cutting technique utilizing exquisite technology which gives us the reason to tell you that we promise that each and every single one of the cuts that are constructed with fine precision but also with accuracy in a small amount of time. This computer numbered stone machine is able to handle multiple processes including stone engraving, stone cutting, and also stone polishing to meet your personal stone fabrication requirements or desires.  Similar to this, we also utilize the seam phantom when perfecting our client’s stone fabrication’s desires as it is actually able to produce perfect seams in any type of quartz or stone. 

Each step of the way, our digital slab layouts are a key component in bringing out the overall picture pre-production as well as during the production of the stone-based design. We tend to utilize digital slab layouts throughout the whole process as we feel that each and every single one of our clients would benefit since these digital slab layouts are able to design location and are a great way to visualize strong color variance or movement in particular stones. If there is a slab on your island that you feel needs to be removed or if there is a slab that has to be located somewhere on the island, this is a great tool to help you utilize. 

With all of that being said, the Melbourne Architectural Millwork company is able to confidently say that we can in fact provide you with excellent service and quality that will exceed your expectations when it comes to stone fabrication and installation. We can ensure you that you can trust no other company in the area other than ourselves as well are partnered with over seven companies including Caeserstone, Cambria, Corian Quartz, Pompeii Quartz, Silestone, Dekton, and Vetrazzo but also work with engineers, interior designers, homeowners, architects, and remodelers in order to develop a design that is perfect for your needs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at our own email which is or give us a call at our phone number which is  321-308-3297. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.