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Melbourne Architectural Millwork prides itself on being a Florida based up-scale millwork company. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Melbourne, Florida, and allow us to serve beautiful Brevard County with custom and semi-custom upscale millwork projects. We have grown into a well-versed millwork and cabinetry shop, custom and semi-custom cabinet dealership, and stone fabrication facility with the addition of Architectural Stone Werks. Our millwork manufacturers serve both commercial and high-end residential clients. Take a look at these images of our facility hard at work, and our process in action for a personal look at how we create your high-quality millwork and stonework.

How Do We Do It

Our manufacturing facilities for high end millwork, cabinetry and stone fabrication boast a 15,000 square foot work space. In order to stay at the top of our industry, we are fully up to date with the most cutting edge and state of the art materials and technology. This includes brand new CNC technology, moulding equipment, and in house knife grinding. These templating technologies allow us to design and create custom pieces digitally to precise specifications. We are then able to make them happen with stunning accuracy. This not only allows for a perfect fit, custom created for your space everytime, but a piece that is fully unique and your own. 

The difference is the digital component to our process. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This means that a computer is used to convert designs created with autoCAD, or our computer aided design software into numerical values. Bringing them down to simple ones and zeros turns the art of millwork into a precise science. These inputted numbers become the coordinates for our cutting and molding so that we are able to create your design down to the millimeter. Whatever style you are looking for whether it is rustic or modern, we have the template, the capability, and the material to best suit your new aesthetic and needs. 

With our custom and semi-custom options, our clients are able to choose from our wide selection of designer templates within our stock profile library and customize to suit the needs and style of their personal or commercial space. At Melbourne Architectural Millwork, our customization and semi customization options will not leave our clients in the dark. Our team of professional millwork manufacturers, designers, and engineers will act as consultants to help create our client’s visions and make them a reality. 

Our Process:

Once a template has been chosen, customizations have been complete, and our design is finalized, we begin the moulding process. Our facility’s Powermat 1,000 computerized moulder is the tool to make your design come to life. This machine is equipped with a powerlock tool system so that it is able to key into the exact dimensions of the design and create your custom millwork with unmatched, cutting edge precision. To make sure it is perfect, we partner our Powermat 1,000 with the Rondamat 960-E grinding machine. At Melbourne Architectural Millwork, precision is our standard, and our state of the art facility settles for nothing less. Our state of the art millwork facility and grinding process guarantees perfection, as it is designed to measure the radial and axial values to the nearest 1,000th prior to the process being completely finished. 

This same process is applied when working to create stunning high end stone installations and fabrications. Our facility prides itself in creating stone that is elegant, unique, and perfectly matched to your space for functionality and durability. Our stone pieces are custom fitted using the same CNC and moulding technology we are known for in our millwork. This allows for the perfect fit to your home or commercial aesthetic, and quality stone that will be durable, stain resistant, and easy to maintenance when need be.  

Whatever your needs are, count on our Melbourne Florida facility to meet them. We offer high-end upscale cabinetry, millwork projects, and crown mouldings, and stone works. Apply these beautiful pieces to any room in your home or commercial space. Complement the existing aesthetic of your home’s kitchen or bathroom, or create a stunning breakroom, reception area or lobby in your commercial space or business – your new look will be sure to wow your guests, clients, and employees alike! If you are looking to make a significant change, reinvent your look entirely by transforming the room with new millwork or stone. With Melbourne Architectural Millwork, you can count on our millwork manufacturers and contractors to get your projects done efficiently and in a timely manner, while still maintaining the quality standard that we are known for. Get started today and browse through our galleries of customized millwork and stonework. Choose from our wide variety of templates or create something all your own with the help of our professional designers and engineers. The possibilities are endless when partnering with Melbourne Architectural Millwork!