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Custom Cabinetry Designed to ‘WOW’

One-of-a-Kind Cabinetry Design Created to Your Vision

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The cabinetry of your home or business is one of the most important personal touches you can add. Custom cabinetry can add a subtle touch of class, a pop of color, or even highlight unique areas of the room or items.  At Melbourne Architectural Millwork, we create custom cabinetry designed to your specifications all in-house. This means you work directly with the team who is creating your cabinets and can have more direct input and creativity in the process. While other companies simply have a catalogue of products, we are able to add special touches and unique designs to virtually any cabinet we create!

Why Choose Cabinets from Melbourne Architectural Millwork?

  • Local millwork company with 15,000 square foot manufacturing space
  • Over 30 years of custom cabinetry experience
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Works side-by-side with you, architects, home builders, or interior designers
  • Extensive library of cabinetry designs

Millwork Performed In Our Local Manufacturing Space

One of the biggest features that sets us apart from other cabinetry companies is that we do most of our work in-house in our 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility right here in Melbourne, FL. You’ll know just where your next cabinetry piece is coming from and won’t have to worry that it is mass produced with less than ideal materials. Being constructed locally, we are able to make last-minute changes or unique personal touches a reality without ever sacrificing on the quality or timeline of your project. 

Cutting-Edge Technology So Precise You’ll Call It Perfect

Our facility features the leading technology and equipment to make your project a reality no matter how complex or challenging. Thanks to our computer numerical control (CNC) technology and Cabinet Vision or computer-aided design (CAD) software, we can precisely produce cabinetry solutions to fit virtually any space or style. And with this precision, there is no compromise on quality as everything is measured to exact proportions. What we offer with our proposal is what you can expect when the project is finished and delivered to your door. 

The technology featured at Melbourne Architectural Millwork include:

  • CAD and Cabinet Vision software to digitally design 2-D and 3-D models of your cabinets
  • CNC technology to convert designs to numerical coordinates for our cutter
  • The Powermat 1000 to mold your designs directly into the timber
  • The Rondamat 960 allows for personal, precision grinding of designs
  • Opti-Control Measuring Stand precise measurements down to 1,000th of an inch

Technologically Precise and Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to our years of experience and precision technology, we can create custom cabinetry for almost any room and available space. With CAD and Cabinet Vision software, we can precisely match any design. Using this technology, we are able to take digital drawings and convert them to numerical coordinates that are readable by a computer and our machinery. With this information, custom designs are able to be created with machine-precision. This makes curved designs, cut outs, and narrow angles easy to accomplish. 

The advantage this gives to you as a homeowner or contractor is that our custom cabinetry will fit in your space without error. As long as the measurements and design is correct, there will be no edges or sides that need to be re-cut or milled. When it comes to protecting the environment, our cabinets are made with ethical practices in mind. Thanks to the precision cutting, we have minimal waste in our facility. At Melbourne Architectural Millwork, we have made custom cabinetry an easy process for you!

Custom Cabinetry Design to Reflect Personal Taste

Your home should reflect you as an individual and the style you love. This is what makes it YOUR home. Whether you are building a new home from the ground up or remodeling a specific room in your current house, our custom cabinets add the unique personal elements to the space and command attention. A home’s cabinets are one of the first things that someone notices when entering a room. With basic cabinets, this is easily ignored or overlooked, but with custom cabinets from Melbourne Architectural Millwork, you’ll have guests commenting on them right away. 

Showcase Your Business with Custom Cabinetry Design

No matter what your business is, custom cabinetry can make the difference from unremarkable to unforgettable! We routinely work with bars, restaurants, and cafes to create stunning cabinetry designs that showcase their products and create a unique atmosphere that fits their company brand. And for other industries, custom cabinetry can display decor and essential products in ways that actually encourage sales. When a customer’s eyes are drawn to a grand, unique custom cabinet, they will also notice everything it displays. 

If you need help with the cabinetry design process of your custom cabinetry, we can consult with you and let you browse our extensive library of products. Our team will create a unique piece that suits your brand and business in the best way possible. We understand that cabinetry is a more permanent aspect of your business, and will ensure that the design matches your vision now and is easily applied to an ever changing business model and environment. 

Our Cabinetry Design Is Functional Artistry

As important as the visual aspect of your cabinetry is, you would not need it if you did not have a functional use for it. This is why all our products are crafted to withstand years of use in a variety of environments. From weatherproof outdoor cabinets to commercial kitchen storage cabinets, our products are sure to last you for years to come. And an added benefit to adding our high-end cabinetry to your home is the increase in resale value many homeowners experience. Imagine what potential buyers will think when they see your impressive display. And for retail and service industries, the display you present heavily reflects what consumers will think of your company and brand.

Ready to Move Forward With Beautiful Custom Cabinets?

Our experienced team of custom woodworkers and designers are here to help you every step of the way. We will work directly with you, or any contractors you may have, like home builders, architects, or interior designers to accurately capture your vision and make it a reality. Many of our clients find that our selection of current designs are more than suitable for their needs, but if you or a contractor want to add any special touches to make your project unique, we can make it happen! We work closely with you to make sure all deadlines are hit, especially in the case of new home construction or renovations. 

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